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AET Group launches two new furnaces to meet the specific needs of its customers!

AET Group is proud to announce the launch of two new furnaces to meet the specific needs of our customers. Designed by our technical and R&D teams, these two new furnaces highlight our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Creep Furnace 1300°C ADAMEL Type


Customer needs

A replacement solution for ADAMEL 1100°C furnaces used on creep machines.

ADAMEL machines still represent the majority of the creep machines installed in Western Europe. Our replacement solution for ADAMEL type creep furnaces allows you to work well above 1100°C (current limit of furnaces for long cycle periods). A technical solution that can be powered by 230V, without transformer, in order to optimize the cost of the electrical box.


The solution developed by AET Group

A turnkey equipment

Adaptable on all creep machines with minimum centre spacing (250mm for diameter of 50mm) between columns for retrofit of ADAMEL type furnaces with mounting rings.


ISO 204-2009 standard
We conform to this standard that specifies the method for uninterrupted or interrupted creep tests and defines in particular the temperature homogeneity and gradients to be respected.


Removable heating elements
Lanthanum chromite heating elements can be replaced without disassembly of the load column thus insuring test continuity.



Multi-process vertical or horizontal universal tubular furnace


Customer needs


A high-performance, reliable solution compatible with long-term testing and heat treatment.

This universal tubular furnace sets itself apart for its incomparable reliability, temperature homogeneity, ease of use and maintenance compared to existing market solutions. It is aimed to support very demanding research teams who want high-performances, reliability level compatible with long-term hot mechanical tests. Quality and robustness of built make it an easy to operate furnace that will last for long with low maintenance.


The solution developed by AET Group

A modular furnace

This multi-process tubular furnace has been designed with the maximum modularity to be used horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the addition of a process tube adapted to your needs (depending on temperatures, atmospheres and loads), this furnace comes in different versions.


A performant regulation system
Allowing a customization to your needs, optimal integration, and scalability if your needs or your technical teams evolved.


A color touchscreen 7 inch panel
This HMI ensures the complete management of your equipment. It offers user-friendliness, setting, data acquisition, archiving process.