Our CSR commitments


We have built the Group’s raison d’être around local values and the conviction that a company is part of an ecosystem that it must listen to in order to become a key partner in local development.

Carbone 4

Carbone 4 supports the transformation of the world towards decarbonisation and adaptation to climate change. Climate drift and resource scarcity are major factors in the disruption of societies. This new situation implies going beyond short-term management, moving away from a business-as-usual perspective, and developing a strategic vision aimed at increasing resilience and adaptation, while contributing to the collective effort to reduce emissions.

25% energy savings

Reducing energy consumption in order to fight global warming, by reducing CO2 emissions.
CO2 emissions come mainly from the combustion of energy and consumption represents the largest share of greenhouse gases (GHG). It is therefore the first area of intervention to reduce CO2 emissions. Upstream, electricity production choices and research to capture carbon dioxide are another area of intervention to reduce these emissions.

Scope 3

Reducing gas emissions indirectly produced by the group’s activities and linked to the entire value chain: purchase of raw materials, services or other products, employee travel, upstream and downstream transport of goods, management of waste generated, use and end of life of products and services sold, immobilisation of production goods and equipment, etc. The future scenarios vary considerably depending on the paths we take in the coming years.

Our CSR commitments


CSR integrated into our business strategy


Today and for tomorrow, we are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners work together to build a more sustainable and inclusive world. Our strategy for developing the circular economy is based on the following areas:

  • Evolving products and solutions to reduce the intensity of virgin raw materials and promote the integration of recycled or renewable materials, extend their lifespan, facilitate their recycling;
  • Improve manufacturing processes;
  • Acting with stakeholders to bring about change in society and the emergence of new economic models and value chains.
Our CSR commitments


Manage resources and eliminate non-recyclable raw materials


We are committed to optimising the use of resources and eliminating non-recyclable raw materials in order to help build an economic model that respects natural resources and biodiversity.
We put all our energy into achieving our long-term ambition: no unrecovered production waste and maximum recycled content in our products. We believe that waste should be regarded as a strategic resource and that recycled or bio-based materials should be used wherever possible as a substitute for non-renewable virgin resources.

Our CSR commitments


Organising the circular economy: recycling and recovery of waste


We are committed to a responsible approach to waste prevention and management, in order to achieve our objective of “zero non-recycled waste”.
In line with our health policy and in compliance with local regulations, the management of hazardous waste is subject to special monitoring to ensure the health of employees, local residents, customers and users of our products and services.
By encouraging cross-functional actions and synergies between our different businesses in industry and distribution, we are committed to providing innovative solutions and seizing opportunities related to the challenges of respectful materials management, treatment and efficient waste processing.



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