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Learn more about our corporate culture, our approach to sustainability and our commitment as pioneers in materials processing.

Our values


Getting involved to become a pioneer


The world is changing and so are we. We must anticipate to provide innovative solutions. As pioneers in materials processing, we are committed as a team to meeting the technological challenges of our customers. We are also committed to sustainable development and to providing effective solutions at our own scale but also for the future of industry.

Working at AET Group means being part of the team, taking part in this adventure, sharing our ambition. We give you the opportunity to take part in the creation of new technological solutions. We are committed pioneers.


Our values


Doing together to succeed together


With our expertise and high standards we aim to find innovative solutions to the global challenges of materials processing. We believe that technological innovation is not only an opportunity but also a necessity to change the game. Our ambition is limitless: we are determined to meet the technological challenges of industry and research laboratories.


By joining AET Group you will be part of this dynamic, whatever your function.




Production and Quality


What do you like about your job?
“The opportunity to make unusual pieces that you don’t see on a regular basis. We create unique pieces, that are unlike anything we’ve ever done before. That’s really interesting.”


What’s your profile?
“I started with a French CAP (vocational training certificate) which I did at the Compagnons du devoir in Lyon.”


How are you doing?
“Today the job is really interesting, especially because I’m autonomous and free in what I do. I can really bring my knowledge and skills to the job, they are quite open, they listen to me. I feel useful.”


Design and Technical Office


What do you like about your job?
“Multi-tasking. Teamwork. Interaction between different departments. It’s dealing with technology, it’s dealing with different areas of activity.”


What’s your profile?
“I have a French BTS in electrical engineering in Lyon and a professional degree in electrical engineering in Grenoble. I worked for 5 years in a production department before joining the Design Office.”


How are you doing?
“Today what I like is the autonomy, no matter what job you are doing, we are all relatively independent in what we do. This is true for my job, but it is also true for others.”




What do you like about your job?
“What I like most of all is the diversity of the tasks, working with employees and customers and having to find solutions to a variety of new problems that we are facing with every day.”


What’s your profile?
“I am responsible for Sales Administration for the 3 entities of AET Group: AET Technologies, Aloxtec and Pyrox Thermique Matériaux.”


How are you doing?
“I deliberately chose to work in an SME rather than in a large group because in an SME, wherever you are, you are always at the heart of the action. You are closer to everything: employees, managers, customers, innovations, products. What I like is that you can see a product evolve in all its development phases, you know what you’re working for.”


Sales and Technical


What do you like about your job?
“To do this job, you have to like technology. In our business, a salesman who tries to be technical, it doesn’t work, because you don’t know what you are selling. You never get bored because it’s different every day: that’s what’s important, you learn every day.”


What’s your profile?
” I’m a Business Manager in special machines and I’ve taken on the responsibility of Sales Manager. Previously I was in a totally different field and I used to travel a lot abroad. Being from Grenoble, I applied spontaneously to join AET Group and I started with the technical part, the special machines.”


How are you doing?
“Today, what I like is that we work with people who are highly specialised in their field: it can be in the nuclear industry as well as in microelectronics, technical ceramics or aeronautics… There is so much to do that we can take advantage of all the information and training that we need to progress.”

Our values


Striving for excellence making a difference


Our skills drive us to find innovative solutions to global challenges in materials processing. We believe that innovation is not only a business opportunity, but a societal obligation. Our impact is paramount: we are committed to bringing innovation to industry and research laboratories.


By joining the AET Group you are part of this change, whatever your function. Discover the job offers of AET Group, AET Technologies, Pyrox Thermique Matériaux and Aloxtec.





Thanks to our technical and R&D teams, we benefit from technological, regulatory and commercial advances to meet even the most complex needs of our customers. This is our strength, our ability to serve sensitive industries by having the laboratories dedicated to research and the industrialists dedicated to production work together beforehand.



Technological excellence


Our knowledge of the constraints of research laboratories and industry gives us the ability to propose appropriate technical solutions in all fields. We therefore design “real life” technological solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers today and for tomorrow. The use of only high quality raw materials (tungsten, graphite, advanced alloys, etc.) allows us to provide reliable, long-lasting, adapted equipment.



Responsible engagement


We are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners work together to build a more sustainable, responsible and inclusive world.
The challenges of tomorrow’s society and industry are vital and concern us all. We are committed to providing our customers with technical and technological solutions that will enable them to meet the challenge of their footprint in the future.

Your opportunities

Join a team

Join us to meet the challenges of materials processing today and tomorrow. Dare to experience a rewarding career in a successful and innovative technology company.

Your opportunities

Joining the movement

We are pioneers in materials processing. We enjoy working in a useful company to make our contribution to the industry of the future.

Your opportunities

Explore your talent

Our goal is to develop your skills through challenging projects and opportunities. We are looking for motivated, curious, ambitious, open-minded and technically passionate people who are able to make a positive contribution to global change.

Our divisions


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

Tailor-made and standard technological solutions for a wide range of applications


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry




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