Our mission


Together, let’s innovate to reinvent today’s materials and discover tomorrow’s.


Our team has a deep conviction, which is a prerequisite for all actions and decisions: our complementarities are our strength, and it is together that we will be able to meet the challenges of the industry of the future. We are multi-specialist in thermal materials.

Our history


Thanks to our historical industrial know-how, we ensure the link between research and production: an essential driver of industrial innovation.

CSR commitment


Energy Sobriety and Decarbonation to fully take part to the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC): CARBON 4, 25% energy savings, Scope 3.


Yotta Capital Partners supports the development of AET Group


Acceleration of the commercial and technological development of AET Group thanks to the support of Yotta Capital Partners.

Structuring of AET Group


Strengthening our ability to support our customers in a wide variety of areas, with each project requiring a combination of complementary technology building blocks.

Subsidialisation of Aloxtec


Incorporation of Aloxtec into a dedicated subsidiary to support the development of an innovation nugget. Aloxtec develops and produces a furnace designed to perform the wet thermal oxidation phase for R&D and production.

Acquisition of Nortest


Acquisition of Nortest: specialised in mechanical testing. Strengthening of the AET Group’s skills to become the European leader in the hot mechanical testing market.

Acquisition of Pyrox Thermal Materials


Development of standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry. Implementation of a support service ranging from advice to the provision of customised technological solutions, as standard.

Creation of AET Technologies


Engineering, design, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and qualification of furnaces dedicated to industry and laboratories, the expertise of AET Technologies is as diverse and complementary as their applications.

Creation of AET


For more than fifty years, the AET Group has been putting its industrial know-how at the service of prestigious clients in order to respond to the problems they encounter. We design customised industrial furnaces from A to Z.

Our vision


Every day, we are committed to being the world leader in solutions for the development, processing, characterisation and recycling of materials for industry and research.


Our commitment is global thanks to Aloxtec, European thanks to both AET Technologies and Pyrox Thermique Matériaux and local thanks to our actions that promote the circular and responsible economy.
We are the leading industrial partner for all our customers’ technological projects that require agility and technical expertise in a wide range of fields such as electrothermal, mechanical, vacuum, gas, control systems, testing and service.

Our values

Getting involved

Doing together

Striving for excellence

Our talents


“It is extremely rewarding to work in a company that is able to create, invent, design, manufacture innovative technological solutions that will participate in the development of future technologies.”


“Nothing is impossible at AET Group! Our great strength is our ability to find specific solutions to our customers’ problems. Just because we design customised industrial furnaces from scratch doesn’t mean we stop there.”

Our expertise


We have the ability to support our customers in a wide variety of areas, with each project requiring a combination of additional technologies.  We provide turnkey equipment, thanks to our materials processing expertise and our recognised experience. Today and in the future, we support our customers to meet their needs and tackle their technological challenges.

Our expertise




Fusion, sintering, growth
powder reactor


The development of materials, the control of their origin, their resistance and their performance is a major challenge today and for tomorrow.
Thanks to our well-controlled and regularly optimised thermal processes such as melting, sintering and epitaxy, we take part in the creation of reliable, resistant and absorbent materials that meet the technical and environmental needs of our customers.

Our expertise




Heat treatment
Quenching, tempering, annealing.
degassing, brazing.
oxidation, doping


Thanks to ever more efficient solutions, AET Group transforms materials as well as processes, equipment and uses. We are the thermal expert who provides the essential know-how of these materials as well as of the research activities related to them. Today and for tomorrow, AET Group is committed to supporting its customers in the transformation of materials for the industry in the future.

Our expertise




Hot mechanical testing
creep, tension, compression, fatigue, bending, measurements​​


The characterisation of materials is at the heart of strategic challenges facing our industry, our companies and our society. Tomorrow, it will be key.
Our recognised expertise in creep, test supervision and counting enables us to  carry out ever more precise and accurate simulations better suited to the needs of our clients.
AET Group is committed to supporting its customers in the characterisation of materials for the industry of the future.

Our expertise




Decarbonisation, eco-development, circular economy,

preservation of natural resources


The environmental issues related to industry are at the heart of our concerns. We must take up this challenge together today and for tomorrow.
AET Group is committed to supporting its customers in their own decarbonisation challenges, in controlling their environmental footprint, and in the rational use of natural resources (rare earths, CO2, ENR).
AET Group is committed to supporting its customers in recycling materials for the industry in the future.


Our divisions


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

Tailor-made and standard technological solutions for a wide range of applications


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


Our promise to our employees


Becoming an actor in a meaningful journey


Today and for tomorrow


We choose confidence. Trust in our mastery of technology, in our innovations, but above all in our teams. We choose teams that work together, in confidence, with a real and personal commitment.

Our promise to our customers


Provide specific solutions to each problem


Today and for tomorrow


We choose excellence, responsiveness and agility. We offer the best of technology in a relationship of trust: reliability, confidentiality, eco-responsibility. We are multi-specialist in thermal materials

Our promise to our shareholders


Building a recognized leader for profitable and responsible growth


Today and for tomorrow


Investing responsibly, capitalising on the future, and achieving profitable growth: that’s our definition of the virtuous circle. When our shareholders join us, they take part in an eco-responsible adventure alongside the world leader in materials processing, invest in a strong employer brand, and develop profitability as well as the skills of our teams.

Our promise to civil society


To promote our commitments, to sustainably develop the territory and create sustainable jobs


Today and for tomorrow


Controlling our impact on our territory and our environment is fundamental. We promote strong values and carry the flag of the responsible local industry. It is our technical challenges, our technological projects, our values and our commitments that enable us to make our region shine and help its development.



Join us!


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