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La French Fab: AET Group joins the team!

La French Fab : Les industriels en mouvement

For nearly 50 years, AET Group has been a major player in solutions for the elaboration, transformation, characterisation and recycling of materials. How ? By designing and manufacturing industrial furnaces from A to Z. Because the industry has a key role to play in the future of our society, AET Group has joined La French Fab to develop together new solutions for the future.



What’s La French Fab?


La French Fab is the voice of the French industry that is on the move. Launched on 2 October 2017 by the Ministry of the Economy, the brand embodies all industrialists and companies located in France who want to develop the French industry. It brings together all players in the French manufacturing industry, both domestically and internationally, to promote the development of the French industrial sector and to promote the development of the French economy.



AET Group, proud to be industrial


Joining AET Group means above all supporting industrial know-how and highlighting our jobs and our achievements. More than ever, we are committed to supporting all the players and sectors of the French industry.


By promoting our ambitions, AET Group is also committed to the transformation of the industrial sector in France and abroad through values such as innovation and sustainability. We are committed to accelerating the shift of our activities towards a more modern version of our future. We are proud to join the team in supporting a prosperous future for the French industry.

Today and for tomorrow, we innovate to create, develop and modernise the French industry together.



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